Drain Cleaning

When your drain gets clogged you usually need a professional with the right equipment to get it unclogged. Streamline Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to clear your drain quickly.




Toilet paper, toys, and any other debris can begin creating a clogged toilet drain. Over time, the buildup becomes too much and when the water flows slower and slower, the buildup becomes worse and worse. When the plunger fails to work you’ll know that you have a serious blockage somewhere in the drain. It could be just below the toilet, or further down. You might be able to rent a “snake” from the local tool rental shop and clear the clog yourself.


Over time, hair and soap build up in the trap and drain causing water to drain very slowly. You’ll notice your shower or tub has a clog when you start seeing the water back up while you’re taking a shower (or if your tub drains very slowly). You can try to remove any hair/soap from the drain inlet and clear the drain yourself but you’ve probably already tried that if you’re here. Sometimes this will allow the water to drain good enough for the time being. If this doesn’t resolve the issue then you’ll probably need some professional help to remove the clog.


Soap and grease are the primary causes of kitchen drain problems. Soaps and greases are building up on the insides of your drain pipes daily and will eventually restrict the flow of water enough to cause a blockage or a clog. Once the water cannot flow freely enough, food particles will begin to get stuck and turn from a slow drain to a completely plugged drain. If you have a garbage disposal and put large amounts of materials through it quickly, the outlet from the garbage disposal can become clogged with excess amounts of material causing a completely blocked or plugged drain line. You can sometimes remove this type of clog yourself by disconnecting the pipe between the garbage disposal and the main drain line of the sink and clearing it out by hand (there will usually be some left over debris in the garbage disposal side also, so you’ll want to get that out also). Be sure to turn the power off to the garbage disposal before attempting any work near it. Also make sure you have a bucket ready when you do disconnect the pipe, there will usually be standing water at the connection close to the garbage disposal.

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